Tissues, Part 2 – Epithelial Tissue: Crash Course A&P #3


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The body is made up of many different cells and tissues, but for the most part we ignore them. One type that often gets overlooked in human bodies are epithelial cells- without these beings our skin could not work properly! Today on Crash Course Anatomy & Physiology Hank breaks down how one cell can do so much good despite being near unnoticed by you or me
The following passage discusses some important functions performed by your own natural armor:

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Table of Contents:

Epithelial Tissue Creates Inner & Outer Boundaries 2:19.3
Layering: Simple or Stratefied 5:26
Shape: Squamous, Cuboidal, or Columnar 3:34.5
Epithelial Cells Are Polar 7:17.4
Apical & Basal Sides 7:22
Selectively Permeable 7:43
Glandular Epithelial Tissue Forms Endocrine & Exocrine Glands 8:20.3


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