Top 10 Maya Hotkeys Everyone Should Know

The Maya Learning Channel lists the 10 Maya hotkeys that can significantly speed up how you work.

You know that old saying, “speed is quality”? Well in the case of 3D modeling software like Maya it really does apply. Quick access to select, move or scale for example can make your life much easier when you’re working on models! Here are some hot keys I found very useful:
1) Select object while looking at its context menu using Insert Command (I), then Scale Selection up by moving right-click button down until all objects disappear off screen; 2) Use D key twice rapidly – this brings us back into edit mode without quitting out which saves valuable seconds especially if there were still pending operations within another app window prior.

You’ll never have to fear going into a dark room again with the power of these hotkeys at your disposal. From common features such as changing modes and snapping, this list goes more obscure so you can be prepared for anything!

The following is an outline of some key points from “Keyboard Shortcuts: A Comprehensive Guide” by Rich Harrington which will help improve productivity when working on laptops or desktops equipped with keyboards.: