Tracking A Free Move Camera With Boujou

In this short video, you’ll learn the basics of camera tracking and matchmoving with Boujou. The first part demonstrates a practical application for using Niko’s software by showing how he creates animations that demonstrate motion in space!

There are many programs that can do camera tracking, and the same basic fundamentals apply to all of them. In this video, however, Niko shows you how to get a flawless camera track in Boujou!

In order to shoot footage that will work better for tracking in the post, one should consider using Boujou. The high-end facilities typically use this tool because it can be expensive and difficult at times when you need specific shots tracked properly before editing begins or else changes have been made during production process without having any idea about what was done with those edits afterward which could lead a lot of extra headaches down the line.

Niko also provides tips on how people who don’t want these types problems might prefer filming so their vision is clear later rather than trying out new things only get frustrated over potential issues they never expected!
A low cost tracker called “Bullet” ($5k) comes standard but if money isn’t really an issue then.