Triangulator Script Builds A Triangulated Image Effect In After Effects Using Shapes

“Alex White demonstrates how to use the Triangulator with built-in After Effects features, creating highly stylized triangulated images and clips.”

Triangulator has a lot of great features that will help you create awesome designs. One of the best is its ability to adjust every layer’s properties with ease, which allows for more creativity and exploration in your work!

How the Triangulator script works in After Effects

The Triangulator script is an automated process that creates triangles with the use of animated mask vertices.

The panel will provide you with a few buttons that apply tracker information to your mask points, applies the mask and creates nulls needed for triangulation. The next step is an easy one; just click on what you want it done-the element or polygon feature!

When you’re working on a project that requires fast and accurate geometric shapes, it’s important to use the right tools for your needs. One such tool is Triangulator from After Effects Software Incorporated (a subsidiary of Adobe). This app can help with converting tracked masks into Nulls or Points which are essential inAnimation because they allow us more time when setting up complex animated geometry sequences rather than having them preset-ready straight away like many other programs offer as well!


The Triangulator script for After Effects is available through VideoHive and it’s $13.00 to find out more about how you can use this awesome tool! Check their page here: aw_Triangulator Scripts AE.
-To see some samples of other projects created with the program, click on “Download” next to a video called Sample project 1 or 2 if interested in checking those out too before purchasing.