Trim-pack Lets You Add Trim Path Animation In A Click

Olaola Yuan’s Trim-Pack for After Effects Lets You Add Trim Paths and Animation in One Click

With the power of shape layer animations, it is no wonder that there are so many tools to assist with this workflow. Olaola Yuan has created Trim-Pack -a small and compact script that allows you seamlessly add trim paths all at once or control them individually as needed; making animation more accessible than ever before!

Do you want to give your clip some personality? The Trim-Pack script allows for easy addition of unique trim animations. Just one click and the Diminutive Demon will add all he needs: keyframes, easing parameters (with ease), delay time between moments in cutscene mode if applicable – even on copies! You can expand or minimize this panel while there are plenty more goodies inside too…

Trim-Pack is a free/donationware; You can learn more about Tim Pack here.