True Joint Orientation Tool For Maya

Pavel Barnev has a new tool that lets you set joint orientation with a click.

There are many banes for a rigging artist within Maya. One common pain is joint orientation, and while the process of setting directions on joints in maya can be straightforwardly accomplished it’s often arduous task fulled by monotonous long hours spent fiddling with numbers or clicking clumsily through menus to find what you’re looking for at random moments during your work day- all because there needn’t have been as much difficulty from square one!

True Joint Orientation Tool.

A new script from Pavel Barnev lets you set joint orientation easily and quickly. The script makes orienting chain links easy, but it also has the ability to adapt parts of a link or treat all six degrees of freedom when needed!

The script is the stand-alone solution for all of your needs. It works with Maya 2015-2020 and has been designed to be as lightweight or heavy depending on what you need from it!

Now you can use a joint orientation tool that will make your life easier! Check out the True Joint Orientation Tool for Maya here.