Try Triplanar Mapping in Cinema 4D

If you are a Cinema 4D user and have not yet used Triplanar mapping, then it is likely that there’s no way for your objects or textures in world space. This process lets users map three planer maps all at once without using UVs which can offer stretching as well as minimal distortion due to itsidelity with object dimensions when mapped together – think about how this would help Maxon implement natively!

Pingo shows a nice trick for getting triplanar mapping in C4D. It can even be setup as an easy preset! Using planar projections with the layer shader and blending it out using falloff shaders is what makes this technique so great, but there’s one downside: You have to do all of these steps manually at first

Which may seem like too much trouble when you’re just starting out since every new project file will take up storage space from before on your hard drive (or whatever kind of device they use). If that sounds pretty daunting or if patience isn’t something most people possess naturally then no need worry; Ping