Tutorial Crea Paisajes Procedurales En Blender


By Carlos Cardona

Incorporating procedural textures to create mountain ranges and water with Blender is easy with the subdivision adaptive process. We will use polygonal displacement for large-scale models that allow us to easily make them come alive in a short time frame! This tutorial teaches Spanish speakers how they can do it themselves too so don’t be shy – learn from my mistakes or successes as I share what has worked best for me here on this page today only (because after all, who doesn’t want better results?).

The following passage discusses various modeling tools available within an application called “Blender”. The tone should

Texturas: https://ambientcg.com/list?category=Rock&sort=Popular

mas texturas: https://polyhaven.com

PDF Atajos Blender: https://bit.ly/2TuwQhO

Modelos 3d: https://gumroad.com/chuckcg

Tutoriales principiantes
Intro a la interfaz en blender: https://youtu.be/Pu9nIggOBz4
Blender para Principiantes: https://youtu.be/uxxvtYeJ0PQ
Curso basico blender: https://youtu.be/TC9d8LLqSUI
Modelando una taza: https://youtu.be/2m_vNs67Bb4
Como poner imagenes de referencia: https://youtu.be/pOU54W0oBAg

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