Tutorial: How to Model Geometrically Correct (Involute) Gears in Blender


By O.T. Vinta

Update (May 2, 2017): Instant meshing is now a thing of the past! OTVInnova’s online Script-generating Calculator makes it possible for you to generate involute gears with ease, in less time than ever before. For more information on how this revolutionary new feature works and an example video demonstrating its power visit https://youtu.be/h37WgwkkTFg.

This tutorial will teach you how to create a pair of geometrically correct mating gears in just minutes. The sides of gear teeth are not curved arbitrarily, most real world machines use an involute curve for this very same reason – so pressure vectors don’t get distorted when they hit each other or something else hard with their outer surface! We’ll go over the process step by step below:
Start out with two squares roughly centered on top another one is placed perfectly flat against its counterpart’s long side where it meets up at right angles (this ensures no gaps form). 3-4 guides could be helpful here depending upon complexity but usually only 2 suffice if everything looks clear enough already from afar without any need.

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