3d artists often find themselves with a lot of tedious tasks. One such task is animating objects and characters in 3D space. This can be time-consuming, difficult, and it takes skill to create animations that are believable.

To help ease the process of creating these animations, we introduce TweenMachine – an interactive animation timeline for Autodesk Maya!

TweenMachine allows you to specify keyframes for your character or object’s position over time as well as their rotation on all three axes at each frame. You can combine different types of interpolation modes between frames so your character walks smoothly across the screen while rotating his head from side to side like he was looking around (or any other combination you might need).

In the final days before tweenMachine 3.0.0 for Maya was released, we had a small preview of how it will change everything you’ve come to know about animation in Maya! Watch this video now and then go download the beta to test out these awesome new features yourself!