Typewriter Animation Preset For After Effects

With the typewriter animation preset, you can create an old-fashioned feel for your video. It’s simple and easy to use!

In the world of digital animation, Adobe After Effects has been around for a long time. One particular effect that can help you create an interesting typography is text animators and they’re really easy to use thanks in large part because it’s something most people know how do already!
The process might take more work if what you want instead would be typewriter style animations though–which isn’t at all difficult but does require some different skills so check out our blog post about this topic too.

Typewriter Animation (with Cursor) Preset

Chris Zachary made a new Ae Preset that can make animating typing text in After Effects easier. The preset, called “Custom Cursor,” lets you choose from six different blinking cursors and has simple easing controls for customizing the animation’s pace to your liking!

Get the Typewriter Animation Preset here.