Typro Simplifies Title Animation In After Effects

Typro Offers an Easy Way to Create Title Animations With a Library of Presets.

Creating a title animation for your video is not as easy task. However, there are some tools that can make the process easier and faster such as Typro browser extension which has an extensive library of animations to choose from or if you’re looking for something more unique maybe try out one our free PSD templates designed by yours truly!

Typro for After Effects is a great way to create titles. There’s the handy View Grid window that lets you see all of your title animations at once and with just one click, edit their placement or animation type easily too! You can even use type animations which let users change text on an element over time as well-a attribute only seen in few other programs like Final Cut X .

Typro allows you to tweak the title animation for different types of videos, making it a flexible tool that can be used by anyone. You may change how long each individual effect lasts and pause them when needed while still keeping everything in sync with no set time limits or restrictions on slowing down or speeding up animations as desired .

The Typro script is free to download, and it includes 60 animation titles. If you’re more interested in the editing than creating your own animations with this tool then that’s perfectly all right too! You can find other types of models for purchase here as well if what I’ve shown so far isn’t any good enough – just search “typro” on Google Play Store or iTunes folder (it’ll show up under Video Effects).