U-render Is Now Fully Integrated Into Cinema 4d

The New U-Render release is an innovative way for artists and designers to produce high quality, realistic graphics. The new update works directly with Cinema 4D so you can see your rendering right on screen in real time!

Uppercut announced that their realtime rendering platform for Cinema 4D, U-Render is now out of beta. With this new release comes improved stability and performance on the latest version which represents some major milestones in how we work with our customers’ content.”

The new U-Render stable version is now available with a brand-new feature!

Introducing full integration with Cinema 4D and RGB curves for the colour correction post processing filter. Klagenfurt, Austria​ – October 7th 2020- UPPERCUT Visual TechnologyUvt GmbH announced their last stable update of U-RENDER (the realtime render engine developed by Austrian company). Following Maxon’s release in R23 made ​last month, this new feature has been fully integrated into CINEMA 4D allowing users to color correct within any project they work on!

Thanks to the full integration, it’s possible to work directly in Cinema 4D and use live rendering right from within your application. The standalone renderer is no longer needed for this process but only activates the software so you can get back on creating!

The new version of realtime software U-RENDER has some changes and improvements additionally. In the feature related to Reflections, screen-space reflections now show specular reflection on reflected objects as well as environment ambience for more variety in style creation by users.”

With the new addition of shadow colors, volumetric shadows are more realistic and less jagged. Furthermore, visual artifacts caused by a mismatch between the volume clipping plane (the camera’s near) have been fixed. Clear-coat glossiness/roughness textures now work properly too so that materials like car paints can be created well defined looking materialize such as varnished woods or coated metals plastics with good definition for detail Shader comes loaded on top level 3D Studios Max packages.
This is just one example ​of what you could do if interested in creating your own creative content.

“With this last release, we are also very proud to improve the full integration for our customers with a new feature. The ​RGB curves are now part of the colour correction post-processing filter in addition to other features like bloom depth-of field chromatic aberration vignette tone mapping.”

About UPPERCUT Visual Technology

UPPERCUT’s Uvt GmbH is a leading developer of graphics software for 3D rendering. The company has developed the latest advances in realtime, which are currently used on Maxon Cinema 4D but it will soon be available to other apps too!