Udim Importer Plugin For Zbrush

The latest release for Pixologic’s ZBRush (4R8) included the ability to import 32 bit images. What does that mean? Well, for one thing you can now apply displacement maps properly with this plugin!

Still missing from your picture however is a way of working easily on multiple UDIM’S – but don’t worry because Jake Harrell has made it happen: He’s created an easy-to use tool which allows users access all these features in one place and without having do any math themselves or figuring out complex command strings…

Jake Harrell is a Senior Modeler over at Industrial Light and Magic in London. His UDIM Importer plugin will allow you to select any number of UDIMs, apply them as displacement on your mesh then export it away for ZBrush where they can be merged into one layer once complete!

It’s mostly aimed at improving the Mari > ZBrush displacement workflow

The plugin is only for 4R8 and still might have some issues that are still unresolved. The output tone of voice should remain informative as this will help the end-user with their Mari > ZBrush workflow improvement desires, but may be considered false advertisement if not delivered accordingly or automatically done so without user input/permission given at time of installation.

The UDIM Importer for ZBrush is a revolutionary new tool that will allow you to import Cycles and Basic Skin, Hair Selections into your favorite 3D application. You can use it on any version of Windows from XP upwards!