UI Layout Guide For After Effects

NT PRoductions shows how to create more complex UI’s with this UI Layout Guide.

One of the most important aspects to automating a workflow is having an intuitive and easy-to use UI. In order for your script’s interface design be effective, it needs some best practices from which you can draw inspiration when designing UIs in future projects.
In this article we will explore why creating good scripts with bad interfaces results in low user engagement – as well as how implementing these three principles into every screen has lead us here at ScriptUI(TM) Solutions LLC down our path where all things become possible.)

Create a More Complex Script UI.

If you want to create a more complex UI for your script, then this new tutorial from Nathan Lovell will show how. He offers an illustrated guide that teaches users on the best ways of developing group and panel layouts within other groups in order achieve detailed looks with their own designs!

Script UI Layout Guide.

Check out our new UI layout guide for you to design an awesome app!