Umake Versus Shapr3d, Which Comes Out On Top?

Dimitris Katsafouros covers the two top 3D competitors for modeling on an iPad.

With the newest release of their 3D modeling tools, both desktop and tablet versions offer more robust features. But what makes one better than another? An in-depth look into these two top contenders will help you decide!

Workflow and Feature Comparisons.

With the release of new iPads, it’s time for another comparison! This video shows how Shapr3D and uMake compare. The two original iPad 3d applications face off in a battle between CAD-based modeling apps that have evolved quite a bit since their last encounter with each other on camera here at KATSAFOURSO Grandioso TV (channel). Have you ever wondered which one would come out ahead when pitted against its sibling? Watch this space – only an hour left until showtime!!