Understanding Advanced Text Animator Motion Control In After Effects

Adam Everett Miller takes a look at the Text Animator attributes in After Effects and shows how to make text move with animation.

Today we’ll be jumping into the advanced motion options within the After Effect text “Animator”

After Effects is a powerful program for creating digital animations. In this tutorial, Adam covers the Range Selector and how it affects text animation along with ease settings that determine motion speed. Check out his guide on Understanding Advanced Text Animator & Controlling Motion in After effects here!

Text Layers in After Effects have some extra attributes for animation which will allow you to animate components of the text within that layer. This includes ability to not only adjust type properties like font, size and color but also transforms such as skew or rotation without affecting the original image underneath it all!

Text Animator is actually quite robust tool with many uses including making titles come alive by animating their letters individually instead if statically arranged on screen while still being able create complex movements across longer sentence blocks too – perfect when trying out new ideas before implementing fully into your project design.