Understanding Blender’s Mirror Modifiers For Beginners

Matthias Pieroth shows how to master the Blender Mirror Modifier.

One of the things that makes Blender so great is its modifers. Modifiers allow for modifying geometry without actually destroying anything, and they work a little differently from other applications you might own if this sounds interesting at all! Matthias Pieroth has been teaching us about one such modifier called Mirror in his latest video lesson – watch as he teaches new users how to use it properly with ease…

“I also show the pitfalls because I get many requests for tips or tutorials for this modifier. “

The leading cause of problems that new users face is transforming objects while in object mode and not edit mode. Being transformed has many negative effects on an image, especially when Mirror modifier isn’t used correctly!

The origin (location), scale or rotation needs to come before mirroring because these three properties cannot be changed after transformation has occurred so they are fixed at their initial states when creating the model for use with this tool  — but if you do have experience using other 3D content creation programs then there may already exist pre-made models which could be accessed easily enough without having knowledge about Unity’s Transform component(s).