Understanding Nuke Rotoscoping Tools And Techniques

Dave Scotland, a very popular VFX and motion graphic designer who has been creating visual effects for movies such as Harry Potter or Iron Man 2. Dave created the Nuke Roto tool which allows you to work more efficiently by using rotoscoping techniques in nuke with some examples on how it is applied within this program
He also goes over what exactly does roto mean? And why would one want do all these things manually when there are so many different tools out there already!

In this session, we’ll take a look at various features and techniques of the “Roto” tool in Nuke

In this tutorial, Dave teaches how to create a sky replacement using the Roto tools in Nuke. He demonstrates working with rotoscoping masks and also shows you an example of animating it down from his own hand-drawn sprites into more polished keyframe data so that when finished animation can be refined even further by adding some motion blur effects on top! To learn all about these techniques for yourself check out Production Series – Rototools & Animation here.