Understanding Procedural Workflow With Maya And Redshift

Learning procedural workflow with Redshift and Maya is now easier than ever! With Kasper Larsson’s new course, you’ll learn how to create animation processes that will allow for maximum efficiency.

Redshift is a powerful tool, but it can be even more useful when you know how to work with the program. This course will teach students about lower average rendering times and modernized workflow techniques in order for them have super fast renders!

The course covers:

  • Lesson 1-10. Nodes and basic introductions
  • Lesson 11-15. Building Our shader
  • Lesson 16-20. Playing around with settings
  • Lesson 21-29. Rendering Scenes, rigging, and camera(DOF, HDRI, volume scatter, shadow blockers)
  • Lesson 30-34. Subsurface and specular addons.
  • Wrap up.


Check out the Procedural Workflow With Maya and Redshift course here.

About Kasper Larsson

Kasper Larsson is a Producer at Sun Creature Copenhagen. He’s the last person you want to deal with if your goal is an animation career because he can give tips on how not only manage but also produce projects from start to finish!
Mentioning one of his courses shows that there are many skills necessary for this industry which makes training all important no matter what type.