Understanding Shuffle And Shufflecopy Node In Nuke

Joe Raasch provides a look at the Shuffle Node and the ShuffleCopy Node in NUKE. The former will allow you to move an image across channels while preserving images’ colors, alpha channel info (transparency), etc.; however with some complicated interface features it can be difficult if not impossible for new users unfamiliar with these processes – but Joe goes into detail about how they work!

This tutorial explains the Shuffle and ShuffleCopy nodes inside of Nuke

Joe takes you through the Shuffle Node, and shows how to navigate its confusing interface. It’s almost like solving a puzzle game!
The only difference between this node and CopyShuffles is that it won’t accept another input stream as well; however they both act similarly in function–except for one important detail: The “lite” version of NUKE’s copyshuffer does not support shuffle nodes! Check out Understanding Shuffles With Joe here if you want clarification on differentiating them or need help figuring things out yourself.