Understanding The Camera Object In Sidefx Houdini

Ari Danesh posts another module for learning SideFX Houdini as the first steps of understanding of how to light, shade and render in this installment dealing specifically with camera work.

we will explore shutter time and offset, resolution options, background images in the Viewport, masking and cropping

For those new to Houdini, it may be easy for them get lost in all of the features and functions that are available. For this reason we will take an overview on some key topics such as depth of field (DoF), bokeh blur etcetera! The following is a list with explanations about what each term means:

“Depth Of Field” – Camera’s have two different focal points which can either focus close-up objects well enough so they appear sharp or distant ones more blurry than normal; depending if you want your shot artistic or descriptive respectively.”Bokeh Blur”-This refers specifically when taking pictures using wide aperture lenses like f/1.