Understanding The Light Objects In Houdini

The Go Procedural channel has added another module for the first steps in learning SideFX Houdini, this time looking at gaining an understanding of how to use Light Objects.

This installment will teach you about all different types and uses that can be done with just one click!

The sun is a powerful source of light that can be used for both good and bad. You might think it’s only bright in the day, but there are plenty other times when you need some illumination! The following lesson will focus on different types of lights found within Houdini – including point, spotlights (or lamps), lines/rays cast from an area or line sources like fluorescent tubes which emit radiating waves instead individual points. This isn’t your typical astronomy class—we’re going way out into space here to discuss something much more abstract: Light itself

Here, Ari Danesh covers the full range of different light objects that are available in Houdini. He also takes a look at creating IES Light Maps and their attenuation options with an overview to SideFX’s portal lights as well as HDRI maps for understanding how they work together when used correctly or not so much! As always make sure you check out this tutorial on First Steps Series which has been updated recently: Understanding The Light Object In Houdini.