Understanding The Linear Expression In After Effects

As seen in the After Effects tutorial, Jake Bartlett shows just how valuable a linear expression can be to control your layout.

“Linear is an invaluable expression to know and understand in After Effects,” says Motion Designer Jake Bartlett. “It lets you represent values with a variety of different ways, which will help me create custom controls for my projects.”

The Bartlett Expressions are a great way to create custom controls in After Effects. They allow you make your own expressions, rather than using the built-in ones that come with Adobe software like Camera Raw or Illustrator CS6’s Draw Tool among others! Sergei Prokhnevskiy from Ukramedia named this particular expression as one of his 16 most useful tools when creating motion graphics content for YouTube videos – so if want better effects without having too much work on their hands then check out Joe Clay’s tutorial about making parallaxing possible quicker than ever before (without needing any complicated plugins).