Understanding The Math Behind A Squash And Stretch Rig

Kasper Larsson has been posting some really great tutorials as of late. This includes a free quadruped rigging course, and look at creating an easy space switch for props.” In his recent tutorial he covers how to create advanced squash/stretch rigs in Maya through mathematical concepts that go into it’s implementation on screen while walking you through all steps + provides detailed explanations so anyone can do this too!

how to do a proper squash and stretch spline with power math

When it comes to rigging, there are many ways you can hack something together and get the end result. For example: Some methods will be more efficient than others based on what situation at hand that needs addressed – like how power math works with squashing/stretching materials or objects for instance! The basis behind Kasper’s look into creating a squash & stretch rig is about showing people who want this type of effect as well as those interested in architecture just where they should start looking when trying their own experiments so everything turns out nicely without any problems along the way; understanding these concepts first helps ensure success later down road… Interested readers might enjoy reading his blog entry “A Guide On How-To Engineer A Simple But Powerful Hollywood Squ.

Whether you’re looking for a way to teach your students about animatronics or just want some fun, this rig is perfect!