Understanding The Zbrush Transpose Tool For Bending Forms

The CandyFloss Kid provides an in-depth overview of how to use ZBrush’s Transpose tool for bending forms and also discusses the workflow when using it while working in symmetry mode.

A video for those new to ZBrush on some practical uses of sculpting forms with bends by utilizing the alt key in combination with the transpose tool when in x symmetry mode. I’ve demonstrated x symmetry as it is often the most utilized axis when modelling.

One of the more interesting topics covered in this article is how to bend forms using masks. There are four different types of bends: falloff, pivot point shift and focal Shift as well as a less common technique called Transpose Tool that has been around since ZBrush 2 version 50 which you can use for sculpting with an easier workflow than painting on top or filling up polygons one at time while looking through multiple layers trying figure out what should go where!