Underwater Light Rays With Volumetrics In Cinema 4D

Creating an underwater scene would really benefit from visual cues such as floating particles, visibility depth and caustics. Those things are all pretty expensive when it comes to render times so they don’t translate well into a realistic looking project because of how long these effects take place in order for them not be noticed or immersed within the piece itself!

Lighting is a key element in creating the look that you need for your underwater scene. There are three types of lighting: caustics, volumetrics and ambient/God rays which can be used to fake crepuscular ray effects with C4D software like WatchPoser Pro or Vue Cel’s rendering engine on top of After Effects.

Crepuscule refers from Latin meaning “to break” as these lights create beautiful images at different times during day depending upon how much sun has been exposed above water level since morning hours.

3D artist Daniel Danielsson shows us a simple way for emulating underwater rays that should work out much faster than using caustics.