Unwrap Ropes And Other Complex Shapes In Maya

Carol Ashley shows an easy method to unwrap rope or other weirdly shaped cylindrical objects in Maya.

UV tools have come a long way since the days before UV toolkit. Still, in most cases it will depend more on how you do things than what kind of equipment or software is being used to create your models for games and movies alike. An excellent example would be unwrapping ropes – which was once done by artists with complicated lookinghandles- using today’s popular solids drawing program known as Zbrush!

A quick tutorial from Carol Ashley walks you through the process of sewing together polygonal faces with UV space perfectly fitting each one. Once they’re separated and stacked on top of each other, it’s just a matter making selections to move them around before unfolding back into an unwrap for rope objects in your scene! The input thanks Sindre Opsahl Skaare as she learned about this method at school after being inspired by his work so thank him too if possible 🙂