Use After Effects Flowchart For Something Besides Wayfaring

For those who use After Effects as a tool to create rather than just navigate, the flowchart is an invaluable resource. As seen on Alan Demafiles’ (@demafleez) Instagram account where he has been documenting his journey through projects created with various programs including motion graphics and stop motion animation:

“I have yet another project in need of some moody textures so I thought ‘flowcharts are great for this kind of thing! Plus they’ll let me see what’s going wrong before it gets too late!'”

It can be said that there are two types of people who work within different camps when working digitally – either you go by wayfaring methods like using precompositions or assembling pieces together; these belong more closely.

It’s easy to get a bird’s eye overview for what is happening in an after effects project with the chart. Why not use it, too? Alan shows us that this underutilized feature can really enhance our workflow and give more than just quick navigation around Ae!