Use Blender Eevee For Your Maya Shots

This video tutorial will show you how to light and render an animation in Blender that comes from Maya.

Blender has long been the go-to for professional artists, but more and more people are starting to discover its unique features. One thing that sets Blenders apart from other DCCs is their amazing Viewport Renderer named Eevee. Tutorials have shown how you can bring in work from different packages while still enjoying fast rendering times with this engine!

Blender Eevee as a Better Playblast Engine

People have been using Blender as a cheaper, faster way to create animations. In this new tutorial from Luciano A Sessarego (The Adventures of LollypopMan), he’ll show you how easy it is!

First off all we need is our scene file and animation track within Autodesk Maya or another program like Drupal Citizen Accounts if they are more familiar with those types of workflows – but don’t worry about that for now because I’ll help make sure everything goes smoothly by teaching them the basics in my own special way: step-bystep instructions on getting started with Alembic workflow so no matter what package people use out there streaming their creations into cyberspace; finally lighting up each frame after rendering becomes.

About Luciano A. Muñoz Sessarego

Luciano is a Chilean Animator currently living in Sydney, he’s worked for Animation and VFX projects. His passion lies with the craft of animation as well as his love of beer-food combo!