Use Curves And Boundary To Fill A Hole In Maya Meshes

You may have noticed that some models are missing parts. This is because, during the modeling process you will inevitably fill in a hole with your own design and texture so they can be seamlessly animated or used for other purposes like collision detection!

Maya has a “Fill Hole” command that will do just what you need. But if your looking for specific types of geometry, such as quads and not polys say… Then this method might take some extra work or be slower than other methods because it fills an entire area instead!

about filling holes in polygonal modeling

You can use the NURBS command “Boundary” to quickly and easily create patches that fill holes in your Maya models. This is done by converting polygon edge selections to curves, which you then connect together with other similarly-shaped segments forming a patchwork for where it’s needed most!

The one caveat is that you need to have an even number of edges in the hole. This can easily be modified by adding or deleting an edge, so long as your total number stays even and makes sense for what it takes like 3+1 (4).