Use Eevee To Render Large Scale Architectural Scenes

Chipp Walters shows how to render big architectural scenes with Eevee and get sharp shadows.

In this tutorial, we’ll take a look at the Blender Eevee renderer. This is one of many amazing realtime viewport renderings in 2.8! Tutorials for using it range from special effects to realistic scenes and they’re all really helpful because you can do things like rendering large scale architectural images while trying not have any blurry shadows – which might be tricky if your scene has lots going on with lighting or other post-effect techniques being used too heavily somewhere else down stream (like an HDR image).

Blender artist Chipp Walters takes on the task of providing a solution. The tutorial is for artists who work with large scale block models in other CAD-like applications and want to do something similar in Blender, but haven’t had luck before–or even realized there were tools available at all!

He shows how setting up your scene correctly will allow you full control over shadows & lighting as well as different types/quality levels depending upon what kind or project this could be used outside any game engine environment (such themes are often easiest). Download his file here if anything sounds good; I’ll leave it up tooar aspiring 3D designers out there feeling stuck.