Use Maya Soft Selections To Create Easy Facial Controls

If you’re a character TD or an animator, then the Soft Joints Tool for Autodesk Maya is definitely something that will interest and help your work. It’s been well-tested by Brazilain Character TD Anderson Augusto who created it so people can transfer soft selection falloff information from one object onto another without having to create complicated rigging schemes–which takes up lots of time! This way artists only have what they need in their toolkit when needed rather than being overwhelmed with numerous features all vying for attention.

The Soft Joint Tool for Maya is a revolutionary new interface that streamlines the process of creating facial controls. You can set intensity to give you fast, effective weighting adjustments on your character’s joints with this easy-to use software! It also allows users an option in automatically generating drivers and choosing hierarchy preferences ensuring stability when animating characters using complex motion paths.

We want our users’ experience as painless yet robust so they can focus less time worrying about perfecting their animations while still being able have full reign over how much detail goes into them without having any problems arising due simply because there are tools available at every turn.

Imagine how easy it will be to create facial controls with Soft Selection. The tool is designed for streamlining the process and making basic or complex edits more quickly

Anderson Augusto has the Maya soft joints tool for sale on Gumroad, where you can pick it up for $25 bucks. With this valuable instructional video tutorial at your disposal, it’s time to get back in action!