Use The Layered Method For Easy Run Cycle Animation

Pierrick Picaut shows a layered method for creating run cycle animations.

Pierrick Picaut, the author of this tutorial demonstrates how to work quickly and efficiently when creating polished animations. He calls it “the layered approach.” While it sounds like an interface feature for animating layers in After Effects or another editing software that will create more realistic-looking frames per second – he’s actually referring back to his philosophy which encourages creation by layering different textures rather than trying one massive texture at once (which can take hours!).

Layered Method for Animation.

The techniques of animation are always evolving, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the layered method. If you’re looking for an easy way to make beautiful results quickly then this technique will work well with any short looping animations like walks or idle cycles.

About Pierrick Picaut.

Pierrick Picaut is a Blender Foundation Certified trainer and CG Director at Atypique Studio, in charge of deep-dive tutorials that cover industry standard workflows in this popular 3D animation program. If you haven’t already checked out more on his channel here, then be sure to do so now!