Using Blender In A UV Mapping Workflow

Daniel Bystedt shows his workflow for unwrapping and UV Mapping in Blender 2.8.

Some 3D artists feel like they cannot afford to learn a new tool, even though it is open-source and free. However, there are ways around this issue for those who use Blender in their workflow such as using UV mapping tools from Cinema 4D which can be lacking sometimes. The release of 2d8 has been very exciting because now developers have another opportunity to create great content with less effort than before thanks largely due its interface changes that make things easier yet still powerful just the same!

A UV Mapping workflow in Blender is a tedious and time consuming process, but there are some great tools available to make things go much faster. In this tutorial from Daniel Bystedt he will show you how TexTools can help automate certain tasks while making use of UV PackMaster Pro which has been designed specifically for unwrapping materials created with 3D designing programs like SketchUp or Maya.

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