Using Corona To Render Smoke, Fire, And Explosions

The Corona Volume Grids let you add smoke, fire and explosions to your renderings.

One of the most popular graphics programs around is Corona. This software has been used in many movies and video games to create smokes, fire effects or other gaseous substances which are all possible due its unique capability for rendering Volume Grids. At 9 hours long this expert level training course offers an excellent way to learn about using these techniques with 3ds Max so you too can make your own masterpieces!

Corona’s Volume Grids allow for true volumetric objects to be rendered. Unlike using a material or volume material on simple meshes, these grids provide an additional level of detail that can’t always be seen with just one type of shading technique alone–and they’re perfect when you want everything from mountains all the way down as small stuff in between!

The materials method requires a surface consisting of polygons to display the volume, whereas the modern day visualization tool uses an elegant grid system that has no need for displaying all those nice-looking but useless polygons. This alone makes it perfect for rendering fireballs, explosions and smoke clouds since they are visual effects based on fluid or particle simulations!

Corona renderer is similar across all platforms, so techniques and tools used in tutorials are easy to follow. All users need only make the leap from their preferred DCC including Cinema 4D’s beta release!