Using Diffuse Bump And Specular Maps With Blender Cycles

In this article, Blender Journey takes a look at the basics for using Diffuse, bump and specular maps in Cycles with their own renderer. It also shows how these functions relate to one another so that beginners can get oriented when they start working on any project in Blender!

This tutorial explains the difference between diffuse, bump, and specular maps and shows how to use them to create realistic materials in cycles. In addition

David provides a great introduction to using maps with rendering that can be transported and applied in any 3D software package really. He also goes on teach how you are able to use them as masks so your designs have the appearance of combined materials when rendered together, such as plaster over carved wood. N/A: David has created an amazing course on map design which is packed full of practical tips about combining different types or terra cotta onto one site for example.