Using Dynamesh To Hollow Out The Model in Zbrush

Steve Talkowski, who provides a tip for using ZBrush’s DynaMesh feature to save some money on 3D prints. If you are familiar with 3-dimensional printing sites such as shapeways can become quite an expensive endeavor due the size and time it takes when building out larger models;

however Steve has found that by checking your mesh in subdivision mode (S), his model is smaller than average which results into much lower material consumption during production process while still achieving amazing detail!

This article will walk through how one man’s ingenuity saved him from having poor quality pieces without any support structures – all thanks to letting third party designers work their magic just once more.

This short tutorial will show you how to hollow out geometry for 3d printing using ZBrush’s amazing Dynamesh and Create Shell option

Steve shows how to use ZBrush’s Dynamesh and the Create Shell option, which is available in almost all 3D printers these days. This will help you prepare a model for printing so it can be lightweight on both your pocketbook as well as physically lighter after being printed out!