Using Geometry To Mask Elements And Particles In Nuke

Visual Effects Supervisor Hugo Guerra Covers How to use Nuke’s FillMat to Mask Elements With 3D Shapes

Masking in 3D is an integral part of compositing. Masking elements can be done both within a 2D realm like After Effects, but also with the help from three dimensional (3d) geometry depending on what program you’re working through at that moment- such as HitFilm Fusion Nuke etc..

In this video, Director and Visual Effects Supervisor Hugo Guerra covers how 3D geometry is used in Nuke. Using the FillMat material to create 2D mattes that occlude other elements makes for an interesting effect!

Nuke’s FillMat node lets you essentially replace your selected materials with a constant color. It’s an efficient way to mask elements when needed, and it can work efficiently for both opaque colors as well transparent ones since the alpha channel along with RGB will always be included in what gets outputted from this particular module.

Masking nodes is often necessary due either content blocking or just aesthetic purposes so having access through NUKE has helped streamline production process by making these adjustments easier than ever before!