Using Light Groups In Blender To Selectively Illuminate Materials Or Objects In A Scene

Aditia A. Pratama posts a tutorial looking at using light groups in Blender, showing how to include or exclude the effects of lights for objects, surfaces and materials when rendering scenes.

She also shares her experience with setting up different types of renders such as shadow maps plus final images containing both real-time illumination from diffuse lights along with precomputed shadows cast by scatteredirectional lamps positioned strategically around an object’s perimeter which can help reduce overdraw during animation frames considering it takes less time than baking out every little detail ondemand so this technique has its perks.

In this tutorial, I’ll explain how to use light group in blender. This is cool feature that can isolated lamp for specific materials on the object

Aditia A. Pratama provides a couple of examples for using light groups in Blender, and also shares some great tips along the way when it comes to working with these same tools while rendering on an engine like Cycles by utilizing its features from within your 3D program instead of importing them as separate files or objects outside.