Using Mantaflow To Create A Massive Explosion In Blender

Iridesium explains how you can create a simple but massive explosion in Blender using Manatflow.

The video is a great starter that dives into what’s involved with building a blast like this. Joel Adams (Iridesium) posts an in-depth tutorial on Mantaflow, showing how you can get started using it for the sake of creating one fantastic-looking massive explosion! The motion graphics expert covers some pros and cons as well as providing tips about working within this program so viewers will have no difficulties following along themselves if they choose to do so later down the line too.

Mantaflow in Blender.

The Mantaflow fluid simulation system is an open-source project developed by Games Engineering at the Technical University of Munich. It creates gas, smoke and fire for Blender with complete replaceability to existing systems in this program!