Using Megascan and Eevee to Create a Realtime Scene – Blender Tutorial (subscription use only)

By Pranjal Choudhary

DISCLAIMER: You need a Quixel subscription to use Megascan assets outside of UE.

The community has requested that I create a tutorial explaining how to use Quixel Megascan and Eevee. The following is what I put together for them:
What you will need are the programs themselves, as well as some basic understanding of Blender’s interface or other 3D software like Maya if needed!

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How to install Blender live link :
3d scans :
Lighting addon :
Lion Textures:

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Time codes:

00:00 – Intro
00:32 – Exporting assets to Blender
02:17 – Intro to Physical Starlight addon
04:35 – Layout of the shot
06:00 – Fixing artifacts
07:09 – Importing Lion asset
08:55 – Texturing the Lion asset
12:07 – Adding volumetric light
13:42 – Adding tree shadow
15:13 – Alternate lighting method
17:10 – Adding floating particles
20:57 – Animate the camera
21:20 – Render setting
21:54 – Post-processing in Nuke