Using Mocha Ae To Track Out Of Focus Footage In After Effects

It’s sometimes hard to track footage in After Effects when it has become blurry or out-of focus. Stefan Surmabojov shows how you can use Mocha for tracking and then create that overlay effect where there would otherwise be nothing at all by creating another layer inside of AE called “Hover Style.” This tutorial will show you how easy it is find this process with some examples on what he calls the Out Of Focus Track!

Stefan gives an awesome comprehensive guide about finding your way around if anything was lost during recording due too overlapping sounds etc., even though they may not necessarily make sense anymore because their clarity diminished before we could realize exactly when something happened…

In this tutorial we will learn how to work with footage that is out-of focus, making it difficult to track. Afterward our goal is for youÊto create an interface and fake some depth of field so they look like they’re floating in space while also being able shift between focusing points as needed on screen!