Using Move Along Normals Rather Than Scale In Maya

In this video, Michael Wilde shows how to create a really cool looking character by using the move along normal map for all of their faces.

Modeling and Texture Artist Michael Wilde shows that sometimes using the move tool is better than scaling shapes. He demonstrates this in his new quick tip, where he transforms an airplane model into a more interesting shape by moving some vertices around on it with ease!

Move Along Normals

Transformations are an essential part of every designer’s toolkit, but it might be time to add a new one. When scaling objects with the move tool and changing its settings from scale mode into normal form—using normals instead-you can keep more volume for your designs!

The Transform 2D Tool offers many types or transformations such as rotation which could easily do both 1) Rotate around X axis while keeping Y unchanged2) Scale selected object(s). However there is no option under Normal Form.