Using Particles To Create Raindrops On Glass

In case you missed it, HitFilm has had a successful Kickstart Campaign and they’re bringing the 2nd edition of their video editing software to Macs in time for Christmas! If there’s anything that is similar between After Effects and Hit-film besides how much fun both can be when used correctly (or not), this would probably be one big reason why many people love using Hits film so much more than Adobe products like AE.

This means that you are not limited in your creativity when it comes to making effects. There is more opportunity for interaction between these plugins because they exist in the same world, so there’s no need to buy expensive software packs or rely on complicated processes just get creative!

Have you ever wanted to see water fall on a window? Now’s your chance with this tutorial from HitFilm 2 editor, Axel Wilkins. He will show how easy it is in the new toolset of effects offered by this program!

Find out how to create realistic raindrops on your camera lens (or any other surface)

The tutorial is a two part look, where the first part shows how to get the rain going with particles and effects on it for those looking for an extra touch of realism. It also covers what materials you need as well as some tips before we dive into creating our own backyard storm!