Using Procedural Modeling Strategies In Houdini

In the last lesson for Procedural Modeling in Houdini, Ari Danesh takes all of the things covered up to that point and puts them into practice.

First, he identifies parts of a “horseless carriage” by identifying what it needs: materials such as wood or metal; tools like drills with bits on their ends so they can drill holes through various surfaces without getting any resistance when you push against them (like driving screws); etcetera! Next thing we know our Mr., erm- steampunk inspired guy has created his very own mechanic machine outfitted head -to tail–with more than enough horse power for anything from going shopping down Main Street.

Now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test as we create an entire model. We will create a steam punk style horseless carriage

Ari notes that this is a great example of workflow and planning, demonstrating how to approach modeling in Houdini. Check out the last video in his Next Steps Procedural Modeling Series Creating A Horseless Carriage here!