Using Python In Maya To Create An Auto-rig Tool

In this new series of videos, director and producer Bjørn Blaabjerg Sørensen shows how to script auto-rig tools in Maya using Python. So far he has covered the basics for scripting with Python which are intended as a starting point for anyone who hasn’t touched programming before.”

Watch this video to learn how to create an auto-rig tool for your character’s mouth. Watch as I walk you through the steps and show off some cool tricks with curves! You can do all of these things without any prior scripting experience, but it does help if know what variables are (and maybe more about script commands).

More Resources for Python Scripting in Maya

Chris Zurbrigg has arguably created the definitive starting point for learning Python scripting in Maya. Chris notes that by end of this series, you should have a fundamental understanding of the language and be able to create small scripts with ease!

Chris has expanded his reach to include not only Python scripting in Maya, but also PySide and PyQT. He also provides tips for using them with the software!