Using Rubberhose For Quick Character Rigs In After Effects

Riggings can be quite a chore. It is no different in the 2D world of After Effects, but there are still many hurdles to jump over if one wants their animations looking pristine and believable at all times without facing too much hassle or frustration along the way! If you’re using Ae’s Puppet pins then three tools come into play which will help make character rigs easier for animation purposes – Duik IIK & FK Linkage between layers; Ndulto’s Character Machine Toolbar (a selection tool); sOPS Animation Rigger.

RubberHose for After Effects takes a different approach to rigging in Ae. Rubber hose simply sets up vector, stretchy and bendy limbs that you can use as any part of your character with control over their movement – all it takes is laying down one new rubberhoses object file!

You can create complex, fully-fleshed out characters without worrying about spending hours of time on tedious puppet pins!

Matt Jylkka, in this short video tutorial with RubberHose Tool offered by Mt. Mograph offers some insights into its use and functionality. He teaches how to set up characters using their Ae script within After Effects (you can also do it without), which is available for download at a premium price of $45 from Battle Axe Software Co..