Using Set Selection In Cinema 4d And Selecting By Material

Working with polygon selections in Cinema 4D is easy when you use the Set Selection Command. It allows for defining objects, hierarchies and attributes that can be applied across multiple geometry types at once! This article will show some practical examples of what this tool does – it’s really helpful if your job requires a lot of precision or if there are lots on pieces to select from.”

This tip focuses on the simple yet powerful Set Selection command in Cinema 4D and suggests a few practical uses for it

It’s time to get creative with 3D text in Cinema 4D. If you are new, or have been putting off making your own scene because of how difficult it can be understand all the different options available for design workflows check out this tutorial on selecting objects by material and shape!

Jamie has previously covered end caps & rounding when working with polygonal models; he extends that look here so viewers know what is involved in using set selection workflow examples incorporating selections by material as well as demonstrating point versus edge-based ones based upon their type (point) – which one would they want most?