Using The Bleeble Animated Surface Addon For Blender 2.6.1

Bleeble is a new Blender AddOn that allows the user to create selection sets and animate parameters for those same, specific selections. It can be used in all sorts of different ways including animation or posing characters!

In this video, the two sets are represented by color. Using a 12×12 torus as an example mesh and mapping it to different code types or generation algorithms produces colors that depend on what type of algorithm is being used- orange for center ring 2 coding with recursion while red uses 1 which generates random size protrusion overtime using seed changes over time.

The Bleeble Addon for Blender 2.6 has been designed to allow you edit your models in a more intuitive way with the use of various tools, such as editing multiple selected objects at once by using one keystroke! Additionally it comes with support materials so that when creating complex scenes or environments are easier than ever before

The following is an introduction video about how I used this program during my other Vimeo Post: “Edit Mesh Using The New ‘Bleeble’ Torus Creation Tool In blender”.

Check out the Bleeble Animated Surface AddOn For Blender here.